Found in the Stream

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As the Aspen leaves turn gold here in Kremmling and gently fall to the ground, I am reminded that we all transition and change from season to season. There is a process of letting go of what was, so that we can regenerate, rest and renew for all that is yet to come.
I am excited to reveal my first collection called Falling Leaves…It features the always unique, Montana Agate…The1st stone that inspired my metalsmith journey, 3 years ago, and my passion for creating and designing handcrafted, one of a kind individual pieces.
In this collection, you will find Montana Agate stones showcased in rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings; every unique stone reveals its own story in its own setting. Some pieces are embellished by delicate sterling silver antlers, feathers or leaves, reminding us that all that falls, will rise anew. Other pieces simply remind us of the simplicity and gift of the changing seasons.
I hope you all enjoy these pieces…They were made from my heart to you…

Doesn't this stone look like floating feathers? What do you see? I feel like they are feathers just floating downstream.  
These montana agates all tell a story and each one is unique!
This stone measures 22mm x 20mm.  The band measures 11 mm wide.
I also added some patina and tumbled in hone and highlight media to kind of dull the silver to match the stone.

 *Please note this is a wide band, so the band will fit a bit more snug.  Usually by about a ½ size*

This piece was hand-crafted in my studio in beautiful Kremmling, CO.

This item is ready to ship and will be packaged ready for gift-giving or perhaps a present to yourself.