Long Forgotten Dream


"Her eyes are open
She's always hoping
We can turn this old familiar nightmare into a song
The sun keeps burning
The world keeps turning
She's reaching out and teaching love until the doubt is gone

Do you listen for the echo of your long forgotten dream?
You should listen for the echo of your long forgotten dream" - Billy Strings

For me, the Indian paint stone evokes a sense of long-forgotten memories, reminiscent of the stories and artistry crafted by our ancestors. Each stroke of color within the stone, seems to carry whispers from the past, connecting us to the ancient landscapes and cultures that have left their mark on the canvas of time. And with this thought, I added a hand-sawed mountain to the band, blending the raw beauty of the stone with the symbolic representations of mountains. I hope you enjoy!

Dimensions; Big statement ring, Size 10, can not be resized at all. Stone measures 1.5 inches x 3/4 inch wide. The band is tapered with the widest part under the setting. A hand sawed mountain is soldered to the bottom of the shank. Made from all sterling silver with a fine silver bezel around the stone. 

This piece was hand-crafted in my studio in beautiful Silverthorne, CO.

This item is ready to ship and will be packaged ready for gift-giving or perhaps a present to yourself.